Sandra Pertot

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Books by Sandra Pertot

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Dr Pertot is the author of three books on sexuality, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Her most recent book is available from on-line bookstores in both soft-cover and e-book format.

For Australian residents only, these books are available by mail order:

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A Couple's Guide to  Living and Loving with Female Low Libido

The abridged version of: Perfectly Normal: Living and Loving with Low Libido (Emmaus, Pa: Rodale, 2005) which is now out of print.

Challenging assumptions about sex in our society, Dr Pertot shows women how to start living and loving with genuine pleasure regardless of where they fall on the libido meter.  How strong does a woman's sex drive have to be to be considered "normal"? Are widespread myths about frequent, lusty lovemaking ruining couples' sex lives? At various points in their lives, one in every three women rate themselves as lacking any interest in sex. Challenging unrealistic expectations that are leaving many couples disappointed and dissatisfied with their intimate lives, Dr Pertot, in Perfectly Normal, reassures women who fear that their diminished desire is proof that there is something terribly wrong with them or with their relationship.  Dr. Pertot examines what constitutes "good sex" and explores ways to resolve the problem when a couple's needs and wants don't match-without either partner being made to feel inadequate or abnormal. It makes no sense, Dr. Pertot insists, to label low libido as sexual dysfunction when the numbers suggest it is "perfectly normal." Her provocative book points the way to a new view of relationship sex, and new hope for couples to stop berating themselves and each other for what they don't have-and derive maximum pleasure out of intimacy. 


When Your Sex Drives Don’t Match: Discover Your Libido Types to Create a Mutually Satisfying Sex Life (New York: Marlowe and Company, 2007)

 Do your partner's sexual needs, expectations, or desires vary widely from your own? While the differences between the two of you can be confusing and stressful, a break-up doesn't have to be imminent. Now, for the first time, When Your Sex Drives Don't Match introduces the ten libido types — from the emotionally intimate Sensual type to the physically passionate Erotic libido. Longtime sex therapist Dr. Sandra Pertot presents her groundbreaking, highly practical discoveries and insights about: How your libido types affect both you and your partner Quizzes and exercises to help pinpoint the basis of your concerns, and how to remedy them Rational ways for couples to understand, manage, and overcome sexual incompatibilities Understanding and overcoming the Cycle of Misunderstanding that causes so much conflict Tips on building and maintaining your intimate relationship. With clear, straightforward diagnostic tools and remedies, When Your Sex Drives Don't Match will help you and your partner identify, understand, and work through your problems for a mutually satisfying sex life.